June 20th, 2011 | kristen

Meet Our Girls

We are so excited to introduce you to our residents! In order to protect their privacy, we aren't sharing many details of their individual stories. At some point, we pray that they will be able to write out their testimonies. We are sharing their first names, ages and gestation so that you can join us in PRAYING for them.

These girls have faced so much in their short lives. They are transforming into women of God and are beautiful and courageous. Please pray for their pregnancies, their emotions and their journey as new moms.


Elizabeth is 17 and mom to Rehema, born May 2012

Violet is 16 and mom to Maureen, born May 2012

Esther is 16 and mom to Jennifer, born June 2013

Maureen is 15 and mom to Bravin, born April 2013

Sarah is 16 and mom to Myles, born April 2012

Edith is 15 and mom to Hawi, born March 2012

Quinter is 16 and mom to Precious, born July 2012

Cindy is 17 and mom to Nicholas, born September 2012

Charity is 17 and mom to Travis, born October 2012

Rose is 16 and mom to Eugene, born June 2013

Lucy is 16 and mom to Duncan, born in April 2012 

April 2013

July 2012