Our First Residents

The maternity house is now a home to two beautiful pregnant girls, with a third girl being interviewed today. (Updated: our third girl, is moving in today!)

Every hour of work, difficult moment, unimaginable stress, overwhelming challenge became worth it as Annette, our Housemother taught the girls how to turn on lights, use the shower, live in a home with stable walls.

[Housemother explaining the shower]

The girls are so pleased with a safe, clean place to live that also happens to be beautiful. For the first time, they have a bed of their own, with a real mattress and clean linens. There are clothes in a closet and healthy meals.

They are being tenderly loved on by Maureen and her staff. As Maureen took them around and showed them all the preparations and discussed the Resident's Manual with them, she would say over and over, "All of this, everything you see and experience in this home is because Jesus loves you."

The girls are quiet, overwhelmed by their new life, but adjusting with smiles on their faces.

Maureen has taken them to the private hospital, ultrasounds and blood tests have been conducted, follow-up appointments are set. 

The Mercy House is no longer a dream. The reality of rescuing girls who have been raped, girls who have suffered abuse, girls planning illegal abortions has come to pass.

And none of this would exist without your support! Thank you for your continual prayers and financial support!