Recruiting New Girls

Despair. Hopelessness. Heartbreak.

For the last two weeks, Maureen and her staff have been visiting churches and schools in the various slums of Nairobi, interviewing girls to become residents of the maternity home.

The stories are all different. Yet all the same. They are all filled with unbelievable pain: Step-fathers forcing themselves on young, scared girls. Orphaned pregnant girls sleeping on the ground, scrounging for food because they've been kicked out of their house. And finding girls too late, suffering from the trauma of self-aborting, injuring themselves, then trying to commit suicide.

It's hard, hard work, filled with long, sorrowful hours for our staff. Please pray for them. We want to help every girl, every one. But we can only take those who fit our criteria as we have limited space and exist to take the most at-risk girls.


  • at risk girls, orphaned and without a safe place to live
  • at risk for abortion, suicide
  • rape victims, forced prostitution
  • parental or guardian consent (not always easy)
  • and most important, the girls must want to come live in the maternity home (they are often scared and unsure)
We just added our fourth girl this week and will possibly be adding our fifth and sixth soon...please continue to pray.
Your commitment makes a huge difference!