Our Girls: Freedom of Choice

Our dream is that every resident of the maternity home will be completely transformed by Christ. We work hard at developing each girl holistically through counseling, education, relationship, teaching, discipleship and so much more. We offer them a home, opportunity and a future, but only God can rescue their damaged hearts.

You might think living in the maternity home would be easy: 3 nutritious meals a day, free schooling, learning skills that will provide a future, sisters and staff that are like family. But it's hard. As a matter of fact, the girls are challenged and stretched and while their physical needs are met, they are dealing with emotional wounds we cannot imagine.

Transformation isn't easy. It's contrary to slum life, although tragically hard, girls live for the day and in their limited understanding, experience "freedom" in their extreme poverty.

At Rehema House, we offer them so much, but we cannot force them to receive it.

While each of our girls have professed Christ, they are new Christians and the pull of the world is very strong.

We are so sad to announce that Felistas, our youngest and newest mother, decided to leave our home upon the negative influence of distant relatives. We will do anything to help these precious girls, but we will not force them to stay and receive help. They must desire transformation.

Felistas comes from a background, deeply involved in witchcraft and severe abuse. And while her decision baffles us, we know that there is an enemy waging for her soul. There are many unspoken details in this situation, but please, pray for her and her 3 week old baby, Emmanuel.

Pray for our girls and our staff as they grieve the loss of their sister. We ask God for wisdom and we submit to Him, knowing that He loves this precious child and her baby more than we do.