Three New Girls

Each of our seven girls have a unique story. Some have been violently raped, others have been forced into prostitution for food. And some of our girls made poor decisions and considered abortion as the solution. They are all shocking to hear and we never get accustomed to the pain of these young girls. We live in a broken world.

Their stories are different, but the hopelessness and despair is the same. 

We are thankful that our God is the Rescuer, the Healer. 

Our three newest girls: Lucy, Elizabeth and Violet have some of the most traumatic situations we've seen yet. Just their presence in our home is a miracle! Getting them admitted into the safe haven of the maternity home is the first of many. They have many, many hurdles ahead of them. We are asking God for total transformation of their minds, hearts and bodies. 

We hope you'll join us in praying and believing for this. 

Lucy, 16 is due in April (holding our firstborn Mercy House baby, now six months old!)

Elizabeth, 17, due in May 

Violet, unsure of age, due in May

Violet was released directly from a 3 month stay in a Kenyan hospital Burn Unit. Thankfully, she and her baby survived the attack. She is an orphan without a home and we are now her family. We will be sharing more about her story in the future, as she is under weekly medical care and will be needing surgeries in the future. We are believing God to help us pay for all of her medical needs. 

So, that makes 7 girls (4 pregnant) and 3 babies...our food budget just doubled as did our medical expenses (medicines for conditions a couple of the girls have). Thank you for your constant, faithful giving. It's making a big difference!

Welcome to our new girls!