Develop Mercy

The Wall Street Journal asserts that, over the last 60 years, at least one trillion dollars' worth of foreign aid has been invested in Africa. Unfortunately, per-capita income remains lower than it was in the 70's. Why? How can this be?

Like The Chalmers Center, we believe that it is imperative to do far more than supply financial aid. At The Mercy House, we aim to rescue girls from immediate danger and to give them long-term solutions that provide a safe and stable future. That's why we are thrilled to introduce you to our newest program.

With the help of Business Development Initiatives Network, Rehema House house has begun a 12-Week business start-up training for the families and guardians of our residents. 

The Mercy House believes in BDIN's vision to see poor and unemployed people successfully start and manage their own businesses. BDIN's mission is to provide outcomes-based foundational business training to motivated individuals, particularly those from an economically disadvantaged background, so that they are able to establish (or improve) sustainable business. For The Mercy House, this means providing an intensive twelve-weeks course on entrepreneurship.

The Course Objectives are clear:

  • To train each learner to identify and research business opportunities.
  • To put business theory across in a dynamic, easily understood, and interactive way.
  • To have each learner demonstrate competence by starting up and successfully managing a business in his or her own community.
  • To give each learner hands-on experience of making money while learning business principles.

Every Saturday for three months, the family members and guardians will have training. Each week, they will have homework, as well as the opportunity to identify possible business opportunities and practice starting a business. Once the course is finished, BDIN provides a 12-month follow-up process and trained mentors to help these families get off on the right start.

The Mercy House is providing the training, as well transportation, at no cost to the participants. However, each participant was required to raise their own seed money. We are thrilled to report that we had a representative for 11 of our girls present! This is amazing, since they were required to bring their seed money to start the program.

At The Mercy House, we are intent on helping our girls in the most well-rounded and permanent manner possible. As many of our girls prepare to transition out of the maternity home, we felt it was imperative to help prepare their families and guardians, as well. We are excited to offer this pilot program, and we are hopeful that the knowledge and skills learned during this course will equip the families and guardians of The Mercy House residents to create a stable and secure future. We faithfully believe that this investment will reap benefits across Kenya as the girls return, rescued and whole, to their communities.

Please join us in prayer as we diligently seek to Develop Mercy. Thank you, as always, for your support. You have made Mercy possible.