Bring Mercy House to Your Church!

For more than three years, The Mercy House has relied solely upon the support of individuals just like you. And my! Look what you've done!

More than a dozen girls have been rescued from the slums of Kenya and shown the love of God. A dozen babies have been born, healthy and thriving. The girls' famiiies have been given love and support in the name of Jesus. We've been able to provide good, stable jobs to many good people who have become part of the family. Recently, during the (in)Mercy campaign, you all raised enough funds to provide a new van, a new classroom, a new generator, a new computer lab, and a second home to help The Mercy House rescue more girls and babies.


The story God is writing through The Mercy House is amazing, but the most unbelievable part of it all is how you stepped right up beside us to say, "Yes!" You are an important part of The Mercy House, and we hope that The Mercy House is an important part of your life. Today, we're asking you to share The Mercy House with the important people in your life: your family, your friends, and your church.

We've introduced you to Mercy House Parties and Team Mercy, both great ways to support The Mercy House while sharing this story with your family and friends. Now, we're doing our best to help you share The Mercy House with your church.

Currently, we have six churches supporting The Mercy House on a monthly basis, and we'd love to have more. But what we'd like most of all is for God's people to be encouraged and inspired by the story of what he is doing at The Mercy House. We've created multiple resources to help you spread the word. We can provide videos, brochures, bulletin inserts, Mercy House products to sell, or a little bit of everything. With Valentine's Day less than a month away, it would be our pleasure to help you and your church Love Mercy.

If you'd like more information about sharing The Mercy House with your church, please contact us with "Church" in the Subject line. We can't wait to give you more ways to Share Mercy!