Mercy House Names New CEO

In the brief time since Mercy House was founded, Terrell and Kristen Welch have worked tirelessly to establish a new model of care for women and children in Kenya who have been left out of the opportunities their society should provide.  These are women who have been the victims of violence and trauma that most of us cannot even comprehend, and they are then left to face a lifetime of continued struggle to free themselves from the bonds of poverty.  As a result of this abuse and poverty, they are permanently left out of the education system in Kenya which almost guarantees they will repeat the cycles of poverty, exploitation and abuse that created the situation in the first place.  The good news is the programs and services that Mercy House Kenya provides has been that solution for breaking that cycle for 19 women and 13 children (with 6 more due this Fall) since it was founded.

As Mercy House Kenya has worked to solidify the model of care for women in Kenya, the opportunities to help more women and children have grown rapidly.  Today Mercy House is engaged in…

  • Providing care, education, job skills training, and spiritual mentoring for 15 women and children in our two homes in Nairobi.

  • Working in Nairobi slums through our new outreach and job skills program for more than a dozen women and their children Program Description

  • Developing and selling artisan products, etc. through the Mercy Shop and Fair Trade Friday and thus helping to employ more than 200+ women globally.

  • Providing consulting to organizations in other countries who are facing similar issues.

From women in Kenya to refugees in Houston and artisan workers in Costa Rica and Honduras, the leadership and vision of Terrell and Kristen have been a catalyst for opportunity to provide physical, emotional, and spiritual care while providing access to markets to create jobs and educational programs.

Today we see that the vision that started with Mercy House Kenya is not limited to Kenya alone.  The challenges women and children face around the world are unique yet similar in their origin.  We believe that the work Mercy House has started in Kenya can begin to engage the global issue of the oppression of women and children with solutions.  Mercy House in the right contextual application can bring solutions to remove the oppressive effects of poverty and violence and replace them with hope, opportunity, and the love of Jesus.

Today, the Mercy House Board of Directors is excited to announce that Terrell Welch has been appointed to the CEO position of Mercy House to continue to move forward the vision and mission of Mercy House.  Terrell’s experience in the founding and development of Mercy House Kenya has provided a strong base from which to engage the work both in Kenya and around the world.  Terrell and Kristen will continue in their work; however, Terrell’s new role will serve to further develop the models for care, education and job creation while working with new partners in more locations.

The work of Mercy House has touched so many lives both here in the US and around the world, and we are truly excited to begin a new chapter in this story of saying “yes” to God and being faithful to the work he has put before us.  Thank you is not sufficient to express our love and appreciation for Terrell and Kristen, the countless volunteers who work silently in the background, and generous supporters who have made all of this possible. Join us in welcoming Terrell to his new role and we ask for your continued prayers and encouragement as we move forward together.


Grace and peace,

Mike Rusch on behalf of the Mercy House Board of Directors