How Your Support Helps Rehema House:

    Home/Family Kenya: This includes monthly rent, utilities, food for 30 plus several staff, salaries of our housemothers, guards, counselor, social worker, director housing, etc. It includes expenses for shoes, clothing, vehicle maintenance, basically everything that pertains to a growing family!

    Healthcare: The main expense in this area is when the residents are pregnant and babies are delivered or there is sickness. But even after that there are monthly checkups, vaccinations, medicine for sickness, etc. There isn't health insurance, so every expense is cash. Rehema also take care of unexpected needs including mental health issues, surgeries, neonatal care, etc.

    Education: During Phase 1, The residents are schooled at the home. Books, supplemental curriculum, computer software, etc are purchased. As the girls enter Phase 2, they attend school off-site to help prepare them better for their Form 1 exam. There are school fees, uniforms, books, etc. The girls can also choose a vocational tract instead, to perfect skills for jobs later after graduation. It's The goal to help each girl graduate from at least the 8th grade.

    Salaries: Executive Director, Program Director, Counselor, Social Worker, Part time Teachers and Part time Accountant, day and nights guards, etc. Qualified local Kenyans are hired and paid a compartive salary based on other NGO's in-counry. A large portion of the monthly budget goes towards salaries.

    Skills Program: With a full-time Skills teacher who teaches the girls to sew, make jewelry, art, this area of Rehema House's programs has flourished

    How Your Support Helps Mercy House Empower Women Globally:

    • Coordinate and facilitate Fair Trade Friday working currently more than 20 countries
    • Develop global partnerships with non profit groups on the ground empowering women
    • Fund Community Outreach Groups to single mothers in Kenya slums 
    • Provide funding and training to like-minded organizations