Order Wholesale Product

We are hoping to launch a wholesale product line in 2015 and offer stores a 50% discount on certain items made by women in Kenya. This will not only support our home and continue telling the story, it will also allow stores to be a part of helping continue this ministry.

We are now offering our very popular love mercy prayer bracelets at lower than wholesale costs.

Available Now:

Love Mercy Prayer Bracelets- Retail $10 each. Wholesale $4 each. Minimum quantity of 50 required.

Please send email of interest to themercyshop@gmail.com

When you order 50, they will come in a small crate to display on a countertop in your store. 

This simple hemp strand with a single heart charm is a prayer bracelet.

The card reads:

Tie this bracelet on and pray for girls so far away 
Share their story from your heart 
When the bracelet naturally falls off one day 
You will know you've done your part

This awareness bracelet is a reminder to pray for the beautiful girls in Kenya we seek to help and to share their story.


Please check back often to see our upcoming wholesale items.